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At ACS Infotek, our dedicated professionals immerse themselves in your organization, leveraging industry expertise, innovative technology, and powerful solutions to deliver sustainable outcomes. Whether it’s guiding integration efforts, mitigating risks, or driving digital transformation, we tailor data-driven solutions that empower you to deliver value, foster innovation, and cultivate stakeholder trust.

Are you seeking a partner who can enhance your agility through optimized business processes and a robust technology infrastructure? With ACS Infotek, you can focus on executing your strategy, assured that your IT systems and processes support your initiatives every step of the way.

Collaborating closely with you, ACS Infotek ensures your IT initiatives align seamlessly with your business goals. Our range of IT consulting services encompasses IT strategy, process consulting, technology consulting, and solution architecture.

By partnering with us, you can reap benefits such as reduced IT costs, effective change management, and the development of a competitive advantage. ACS Infotek stands out through a unique business model that prioritizes significant upfront investments in training and developing our personnel. We possess the expertise to identify top talent, retain it, and proactively address your specific needs.

Through the guidance of our senior IT specialists, we chart out a comprehensive IT strategy and roadmap, addressing your unique business and operational challenges. Additionally, we offer supplemental support to your IT management team, whether for the short, medium, or long term.

ACS Infotek’s robust HR policies, coupled with our commitment to training and knowledge sharing, ensure that we assign experienced consultants with the right skills to each engagement. With us, you can trust that your projects are in capable hands.

Would you like to work with a partner who helps you increase your agility with optimized business processes and robust technology infrastructure? So that you can focus on executing on your strategy and be sure that your IT systems and processes back your initiatives all the way.

ACS Infotek works with you to ensure that you always align your IT initiatives with your business goals. Our IT consulting services offerings range from IT strategy and process   Consulting to technology Consulting and solution architecture.

Benefits include reduction in IT costs, management of change and building competitive advantage. ACS Infotek  differentiates itself with a unique business model driven by significant upfront investments in training and development of our personnel. Our team understands how to evaluate top talent, retain this talent and proactively address your needs.

By charting out a comprehensive IT strategy and roadmap with the help of our senior IT specialists, we address specific business and operational issues. We can also supplement your IT management team – over the short term, medium term and long term.

With our strong HR policies and our training and knowledge sharing networks, ACS Infotek ensures that experienced consultants, with the right skills, are assigned to each engagement.

Service Offerings:

Our key IT Consulting service offerings include:

  • Staff Augmentation
  • IT Strategic Consulting
  • Business process consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • IT Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Services
  • Quality Management
  • Organization Change Management

Staff Augmentation

High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support Contract professionals boost flexibility and productivity. Nearly 3.5 million contract professionals go to work at U.S. firms every day. Contract staffing goes by many names — staff augmentation, temporary staffing, contingent labor, consulting. Whatever term we use, it’s a recognized and sensible strategy to support your short-term needs and long-term growth. Professional Contract staffing is one of the ACS Infotek’s key services.

If you are looking to expand staffing levels with minimal risk, ACS Infotek can provide the highly skilled, mid- to senior-level contract professionals you need. Advantages include: Thorough screening and assessment according to exact specifications

  • Assurance of sourcing highly qualified personnel, even in tight labor markets
  • Immediate response from dedicated and specialized recruiting sector
  • Constantly expanding the talent pool so we’re ready when you call
  • Consultants who are valued as an integral part of our team, and therefore yours

ACS Infotek commitment and quality is best endorsed by the fact that only highly skilled and trained employees are enrolled with us. The screening of our consultants is done through extensive testing using globally established skill sets and well evolved parameters 

  • Well pooled resources profiling multiple skill sets.
  •  Minimum Turnaround Time for completion of projects.
  •  Services and resources at a reasonable cost structure.
  •  Commitment to contracted partners staffing requirements.
  •  Assist partners in cushioning staffing fluctuations.

IT Strategic Consulting

Develop an IT strategy that supports your business vision and create sustainable competitive advantage. 

Business Process Consulting

Map your business processes, identify areas for improvement, and create a process-oriented blueprint for implementing application systems that are aligned with your target business processes.

Technology Consulting

Provide you with a full assessment of new technologies and how you can leverage the technology for business gain. Evaluate returns from technology investments so that you can make the right choices. 

IT Transformation

Businesses across the globe are facing dynamic market and financial conditions, which are changing at a rapid pace not seen before. This has resulted in CIOs facing challenges like:

  • Aligning their IT systems to business goals, to be able to adapt effectively to meet the dynamic business demands.
  • Ensuring an agile, streamlined, and flexible IT infrastructure.
  • Upgrading their IS Organization’s role from an ‘IT support services provider’ to a business enabler

Organizations that are saddled with loosely integrated, complex IT systems have to, however, transform their IT Services (IS) Organization itself to ensure that IT improves operating efficiencies, reduces operating costs, ensures regulatory compliance and business agility, helps business growth, and enhances business value.

How Acs Infotek can help you

Acs Infotek helps enterprises transform their IT landscape by streamlining the IT processes, rationalizing the existing technology base; and enabling them to take advantage of modern, business-friendly technologies guided by a best-in-class governance structure to better align the IT system to the needs of the business.

Acs Infotek service offerings can be broadly categorized into two areas:

IT Transformation Assessment: Leveraging its ‘IS Organization Maturity Model’ and ‘Discovery Process’, ERP Global assesses the capability maturity of an enterprise’s IS Organization and creates an IT Transformation roadmap, identifying various transformational focus areas and providing recommendations to optimize the IT infrastructure and make it more efficient and adaptable. Some key areas for transformation include Infrastructure Transformation, Application Transformation, Business Process Transformation, IT Process Transformation, and Sourcing Transformation.

Program Management & Governance: ACS Infotek takes on end-to-end responsibility for ensuring the success of the transformation program, leveraging its proven governance capabilities.

Advantage Acs Infotek
  • Acs Infotek leverages its deep domain knowledge of multiple industry verticals, vast technology expertise, and proven experience in providing IT Services to more than 400 Fortune 1000 companies over a span of three decades, to ensure comprehensive, effective and value-driven IT Transformation for its clients.
  • Our suite of Transformation methodologies, processes, tools, and accelerators facilitates the client’s transformational program, thereby speeding time-to-market and ensuring optimal cost benefits.
  • Our IT Transformation services will enable an enterprise’s IS Organization to evolve into an ‘innovative business partner’ that can foresee business changes and provide analytics that enable the business to take more informed decisions.